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Celiac Disease: Implications on Oral Health

Apr 20, 2017
Reportedly, 1 in 141 Americans living in the United States are living with Celiac disease, with the assumption that many more are living undiagnosed. More common in Caucasian women, Celiac disease is classified as an autoimmune digestive disorder in which gluten cannot be tolerated.

Bone Grafting: Making Dental Implants Possible

Mar 29, 2017
Whether due to periodontal (gum) disease, cavities, infection, injury, or a developmental defect, there are a number of reasons why individuals experience loss of bone. This can be especially discouraging for patients wanting dental implants, because sufficient bone is required for implants to be successful.

What Do You Believe About Root Canals?

Feb 27, 2017
Perhaps one of the greatest mistruths regarding Root Canals is that they are painful. Thus, it’s no surprise that many patients avoid the dentist when they are told that they need one. The truth is—root canals are no more uncomfortable than having a tooth filling placed.

Do I Have a Dental Emergency?

Jan 20, 2017
Dental accidents can happen at any time, often leaving us wondering: Should I go to the emergency room? Do I have a real dental emergency? Because the care that you receive or do not receive could mean the difference between saving and loosing your tooth, it’s wise to have a plan before an injury occurs. Dental professionals urge patients—if you’re experiencing any of the following injures, it’s important to contact your dentist, even if it’s after hours.

Are Bleeding Gums A Big Deal?

Dec 29, 2016
More often, dentists report that patients notice their gums bleeding while brushing and flossing their teeth. Bleeding gums can happen for many reasons. Yet, the main culprit is usually plaque buildup along the gum line. While plaque can be removed with careful and consistent oral care at home, it may harden into tartar.

The Connection Between Oral and Overall Health

Nov 14, 2016
There is no doubt—oral health reflects one’s overall health. In fact, over 90% of all systemic diseases have some form of oral manifestation. This includes swollen, red gums, mouth ulcers, bad breath, dry mouth, and more. Thus, your mouth is full of clues about what’s going on inside your body. Even so, many individuals continue to skip regular dental checkups. Dental professionals want you to know—the connection between oral health and overall health is real.

When Teeth Become Damaged

Oct 27, 2016
Everyday, teeth are at risk for becoming damaged. Whether it’s from biting down on something hard, a sports injury, trauma from a car accident, or an advanced cavity that causes a tooth to break, pain from a damaged tooth is not always immediately apparent.

Stress and Oral Health

Aug 10, 2016
While stress can certainly affect one’s attitude, many are surprised to learn that it can also affect oral health. With mounting evidence suggesting a connection between stress and gum disease, dentists are urging patients not to forego regular dental checkups. With invaluable insight about your oral health, dental professionals are equipped to help patients combat the damaging effects of stress on their oral health.

Sleep Apnea and Oral Health

Jul 26, 2016
As a series of episodes in which a person stops breathing for 10 seconds or more, Sleep Apnea, or Obstructive Sleep Apnea, is a serious disorder that can be life threatening. While only a sleep specialist can diagnose sleep apnea, dental professionals find that they are typically the first to suspect sleep apnea in patients. This is simply because dentists see patients more often than regular doctors or specialists.